10 Mind Blowing Movies

Ever crave for some mind blowing movies to watch and be like “what just happened?” ? If yes, rest your head because chances are you’ll get brain damage upon completing this list.

10. Donnie Darko

donnie darko

Donnie, a teenager who is having visions of an evil rabbit that makes him commit different crimes. Even those who are familiar with tangent universes and all that still get confused let alone rest of us, the usual peeps.


9. Memento


The combination of this film’s complexity and non-linear format force many people to watch it at least a couple of times. Being a victim of short-term memory loss, Leonard Shelby is having a hard time to find his wife’s murderer. He uses his Polaroid taken photos and his tattoo covered body to his advantage, to remember his steps. Christopher Nolan once again makes us to push our brains to work out what just happened.

8. Lost Highway

lost highway

It is hard to watch a Lynch film and not to have a million questions in your mind. Lost Highway is a nightmarish film , it exists in a disrupting world amongst reality and delusion where events are not all they appear and a stern constitutional rationale is ignored to dive into the blemished mind of the film’s protagonist.

7. Oldboy

old boy

Revenge is sweet. Oldboy, however, shows us that revenge is not only sweet but instigating too. Without a doubt one of the most stunning and exasperating stories of revenge you are going to see, Oldboy set a standard, remains the finest movie to turn out from the South Korean movie industry, and it is definitely Park Chan-wook’s best work to date. Plot twist in this film is a “holy shit” moment, simply mind blowing.

6. Fountain


A film about love, life and grief. Although very hard to grasp the narrative, Aronofsky manages to bring the viewer into a unique world where they witness sublime power of love and an everlasting connection between two human beings.

5. The Game

mind blowing

To pay tribute to his birthday, San Francisco financier Nicholas Van Orton, a wealthy genius and a detached introvert, gets a bizarre gift from his younger brother, Conrad – a ticket to participate in an exclusive game. In no time, Nicholas gets himself devoured by a precarious set of vigorous rules, unfit to recognize where the act closures and reality starts.

4. The Prestige

Another Nolan movie another must watch film. A story in which friendship becomes rivalry in a magical way.  Intelligent and unexpected twists, mysterious story and captivating narrative, a total package.

3. The Usual Suspects

Can’t describe this film in details without giving away spoilers. Watch it as a usual crime-thriller and remember this quote “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

2. Inception

Yet another Nolan film. Inception is a brilliant collaboration of sci-fi and heist genres; Cobb and his team are breaking into dreams and stealing information. Many layers of story-telling and incredible cinematography put this film on very top of every list

1. Fight Club

“Fight Club is a religion, it is a way of living and path to freedom” said every casual film fan after doing exactly the opposite of what the film delivered.  With a fun unique narrative, Fight Club critiques the materialization,  cultural collapse led by consumption and society’s advertisement driven expectations. The capitalist mind of present day society enrages Tyler, who, thus, request that we epitomize his outrage. This film tops our mind blowing movies list and it is one of the few on the list that every time you watch it you can find another small detail that you’ve missed the last time.

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