Why Does Hollywood Keep Making Superhero Movies?


Hollywood has been making lots of superhero movies/sequences lately and having great success at it.  Many Marvel heroes now have their own dedicated movies  in comparison to what we had earlier; just Superman, Batman and Spider-Man.

These films and TV series are immensely famous, and their allure is seeping out exponentially from the hardcore fans and young kids that have dependably been the evident target audience. Although it was kind of a niche culture early on, superheroes are now an intrinsic part of the movie industry.

One of the reasons why we are being served so many superhero movies is Hollywood’s approach to risk taking.  Superhero movies have proven themselves to be “safe subjects” and pretty much any remake or sequel is destined to have success. Looking back at different eras of film-making we can see similar examples; countless Western movies were made between 1930-1960, booming in the 50’s. Once a certain style and topic becomes fundamentally safe, producers do not shy away from making lots of them. Same is happening with superheroes.



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