Jams and Stories Tuesdays #2

Jed – Welcome to our second episode of Jams and Stories, I am with Lilly and she looks very excited today.

Lilli – I think I am actually nervous but excited is a better word.

Jed – Is our topic the reason why you are nervous?

Lilli – It might have some play in it but in general, how can you not be nervous when you are expected to deliver something good by your audience? It is not easy you know..

Jed – Ok then, let’s get to our discussion topic without wasting anymore time. First we will play our song though.

We Lost The Sea – The Last Dive of David Shaw

You know many countries in the world have death sentences or prison sentences for life? How about conducting medical experiments on those people? Now before everyone calls us violent or inhumane for having experiments on criminals, we want to make it clear that we do not either support or oppose it. This is just a thought and why not discuss it?

Lilli – First I will state my reasons for why we should do medical experiments on criminals  and then why we shouldn’t. I believe medical experiments should be conducted on people who are already decided to be killed. Why kill if the criminal at least do some good to this world, even though it would be unintentional. We should conduct the experiments regardless if they consent or not, showing them how being forced is one of terrible things in the world if not the worst. Those people probably hurt, raped and killed others. So in a sense we would have achieved two things, some scientific knowledge and possible lesson for the criminal.

Alright, I’ll calm down. Saying all these I think most of the extreme criminals have mental issues and torturing them won’t make them any better if that’s our goal. Torturing people says something about the torturer, not the criminal. I know we all have that anger inside us for someone who has done terrible things but is torturing them really the best way? Uh, it is hard to say or decide unless you are in that situation.

Jed – It would be really hard to practice such thing in real life because of human rights. Apparently, even the worst criminals are still entitled to human rights so even if we ethically accept this procedure we would have opposing our constitution. One option would be asking the inmates in death row if they want to be a part of medical experiment, some of them might want to contribute to humanity in a good way after all.


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