Why is oBike the scapegoat?


Since their launch in August, oBike Australia has been facing heavy criticism regarding their dockless bikes spreading the big cities (Melbourne and Sydney so far) like a plague and being thrown around. Some bikes have gone as far as taking a swim in the Yarra River in Melbourne because apparently some people have super powers and can ride on water.

Singaporean organization oBike had a smart thought when it came up with an approach to bicycle share without returning the bicycle to a particular dock. In the event that you need a bicycle, you simply utilize an application to discover the closest one. When you’re at your destination, you can leave it in that spot without worrying a bit. While doing this, you’re diminishing traffic clog and doing a favor to environment by riding. The scheme appears to have been working entirely well in Singapore, with the organization guaranteeing that more than 100,000 oBike trips are made every day. Despite the success, the idea hasn’t made a good interpretation in Australia’s major cities and for some reason the general public blames oBike. In all seriousness, oBike has little to no contribution to the problems these bikes are causing; instead they are the only ones who are still trying to prevent the vandalism and idiotism coming from users/passer bys.

oBikes are very reasonable with their bike deployment and distribution meaning they do not deploy bikes in government properties (i.e The Rocks, Opera house) and do not put dozens of bikes in a small area. In an ideal environment with the help of the users, very little work would have to be done by oBikes in the terms of relocating and fixing the bikes.

General public and users of oBikes have to be more understanding and supportive of the bike sharing scheme. It is a new born idea and oBikes are probably working hard to overcome the negativity. We can start by parking the bikes in a reasonable spot after using them. This is a small step but in a big scale it would help others find and use the bikes easier. Not even mentioning people who are vandalizing and damaging the bikes,  their mindset wouldn’t change by reading an article.

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