Jams and Stories Tuesdays #1

Jed – In our first episode of…

Lilli – Wait what? This isn’t a podcast, what episode?

Jed – Well first whatever this is, welcome everyone and we hope you enjoy the stories and the jams we have for you in this windy and chilly Tuesday night. We would like to remind you that this is a different format we are having for the first time in which we can keep telling our stories while you listen to your jams. Sounds impossible? Give it a try and play the music.


Shpongle – ‘Brain in a Fishtank”



Lilli – Where do we start? Always hard to get into the topic but once you do the rest comes.

Jed – I’ll help you, what about that thing you were kind of complaining and talking about last week?

Lilli – I think  you are talking about the recent popularity of Communism and Marxism, first of all, I was not complaining. Why would I? I actually enjoy the dankness in those political memes, although made by people who haven’t even lived a day in that era. I wasn’t complaining, I was questioning and trying to figure out the undermining reason behind the new trend. I am not gonna be a conspiracy theorist and say some folks are trying to bring back communism.  No. I think one of the reasons is to do with kids’ curiosity who were born in 90’s and didn’t get to experience the famous days. I mean we were born in 90’s, and I don’t know about you but the “famous” days are kind of an interest to me.

Jed – Yeah I guess so.

Lilli – So this curiosity naturally collaborates with ultra high meme skills of some people and here we are. Political lefty memes are every where, right and left.

Jed – Was that a pun attempt?

Lilli – No, of course not *giggles*. Once the trend was born I think people who weren’t as much interested also  started to take sometime and look at these memes because they make political theories digestible. I mean I had long-boring reading tasks about some Marxist views that I could hardly understand anything, these memes explain the key ideas simply and yet funny. Actually as I am talking I am going to bring up this quote I noted, from Professor Marshall of Deakin University; “Like the political cartoon, which goes back two centuries to Punch magazine in the 1850s, political memes are a way for people to look at politics but to look at it askance, a little bit off center, and that is pleasurable”. As far as I am concerned, this is a valid a argument. When I see the above mentioned memes my brain does not bring up the tragedies and sadness that these politics caused back in the days. It brings up funny imaginations which are pleasurable. Anyways, I feel like I didn’t do a good job of explaining myself, what is your take?

Jed – I agree. Just kidding, yes, I do agree with your points but I’ve never taken the time to think why is this a thing. I’d say the reason is the same one why anything else becomes a meme. We can’t fight against what can and can’t be a meme, that checkpoint is long taken. In this case I think along with your opinions, there was a factor of “creating something new”. As any other market, meme market is competitive too and whoever comes up with new and entertaining content can succeed. The community goes as far as degrading others for being a normie – a person who laughs at average memes and people opposing the normies are the ones coming up with new trends such this one we talked about.


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